International Seliger 2011 - Congratulations to all of you who got accepted!!!

Good morning everybody! I have been receiving some messages from people telling me that they have been accepted and asking me whether they should go to Seliger..
Here is my answer to all of you in this situation:

Sympathy Everybody is going to be very nice, friendly! You will meet people from all around the world, share unforgettable moment with them! The OC committee, the ambassadors, the participants,.. We are all in this together!
Exceptional Have you ever been with 700 young people at the same place and specially in a country where you have probably never been before?
Lifetime experience You will not only be following conferences, workshops on the subject of your interest but you can also build your network, develop your ideas,..
Inspirational Seliger is a place where all ideas are brought together, where you can get inspired by people,..

Generous Did you ever see a video from Seliger? Smiles are contagious Experience You will not only learn about the other people but they can also learn from you!
Realistic Because at Seliger, you can finally do what you want!

You should not do it for us, just do it for you!
And don't be scared, we are all in this together and I promise you you will always have something interesting to do "If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world."

Seliger 2011: Continuity of traditions and innovative vision

Seliger is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow. In 2011 700 exceptional individuals will come together to build an international network.
Tver region, Lake Seliger, 1-9 July 2011
Seliger offers you:

* A place where one makes lifelong friends and builds strong networks among today’s and future business, political, and academic leaders of the world
* A unique opportunity to interact with intelligent and ambitious youth from across the globe
* A creative collaborative environment where everyone has an opportunity to share ideas, find supporters and investors
* World’s only camp, located in the woods, that combines untouched wild setting and has electric sockets, Wi-Fi access, and its own TV channel
* An unforgettable adventure at a unique well-preserved breathtaking lake eco-system

So, let us make it clear – Seliger is a camp!
But everything you need will be just at arm’s length!

* Comfortable camp tents with mat and sleeping bags
* Camp-wide Wi-Fi and electric sockets located around the camp site
* Sufficient number of outdoor eco-friendly toilets, shower cabins, and washstands
* 24/7 security with access restricted to participants only
* 3 healthy meals per day
* Master-chef who will cook for you
* Medical personnel present 24/7
* The most outstanding and encouraging environment
* Interpreter always ready to re-translate your thoughts and ideas

International Youth forum Seliger 2010 memories:

Who is going to be part of our team?

* Young, talented, and creative individuals from diverse backgrounds with one passion: making a difference on a global scale
* Interested in learning about Russia, utilizing its potential to drive global innovation and develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the international community
* Entrepreneurial, adventurous, and full of creative energy to develop new ideas, launch new projects, and make intellectual breakthroughs.

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